The Challenge of Living Up to Our Oath as Physicians is a Heavy Burden

The compromise of sound medical practice has sorely afflicted doctors and nurses beyond imagination. But the impact on the general population will likely be the more devastating tragedy. Only time will reveal the real harm, but tragedy has already struck millions of American families. One thing is beyond doubt. The doctor-patient relationship was shattered when the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) invaded the medical profession. COVID tyranny then sealed the coffin.

Performing the true art of medicine in modern times requires nothing less than a magician’s degree to succeed. In our zany, upside-down world, the challenge of living up to our oath as physicians is a heavy burden. Let’s face it, The COVID madness may be over, but things are not getting better. Practicing patient-oriented medicine that is genuinely evidence-based is riskier than ever for doctors. Doing our job the way we were trained threatens our reputations, our livelihoods, our own personal health, and the entire world’s health.

When a soldier enlists in the military, he agrees to accept the reality that giving one’s all might mean being shipped back home in an oblong box. We accept that as new recruits, even if our subconscious coping mechanisms tell us, “It’ll never happen to me.” After all, what are the odds of being killed in a peacetime military force? (Okay, let’s assume we had another Commander in Chief.) But physician recruits — if I may use the parallel — are given no such forewarning of what they may be facing. Maybe that’s changing now; I don’t know. But new medical students must come to terms with the fact that medical school is itself an indoctrination camp where students are now taught how to fit into the socialized medicine machine. It’s not primarily about treating patients any longer. No more are students taught to put the patient first or even to first do no harm.

The new maxim is, “First, do what you are told!” Listen to the boss carefully, and know who your boss is. That would be the government. Gone are the days of independent practice, or so Big Pharma wishes all medical students to believe. Nothing lowers the monetary returns of the pharmaceutical industry more than a rational, thinking physician. And for that reason, this genre of doctor is presently the target of extermination. Just who does this brand of doctor describe? The independent doctor. The caring physician. The healer doesn’t shy away from telling the truth and actually healing their patients.

Those few medical practitioners who give their patients the very best they have of their time, skills, and knowledge are that threatened species of doctors who were once ardently sought after, who became mentors for greenhorns. Now those healers are shunned and called names. Dishonorable. Unprofessional. Misinformers. These genuine elites have been declared fringe quacks, charlatans who have lost touch with reality. They are now the outcasts of medical societies. Medical practice for an honest doctor has become a daily struggle for survival as we face insurmountable odds trying to respect and care for our patients. Accusations never cease to pour over our heads ruthlessly.

And who is our accuser? Hospital CEOs, state medical boards, wealthy and powerful influencers like Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, social media moguls, and even our own peers assault us. The government has banned us. Social media have canceled us. Beware anyone who would dare attempt to come to our rescue. They are destined for ridicule.

Not ironically, those who betray us are all abusers of liberty, truth, and justice. That’s how we know that the war we are fighting is not just a battle for sound medical practice in the COVID jungle. We are fighting a war that goes way beyond medicine. It goes to the very heart of humanity.

We must see the connection of how medicine has been weaponized, even now, as COVID hype suddenly disappears and the Ukraine war unfolds. How many biowarfare labs really exist in Ukraine? In the world? Realistically, biological and chemical weapons have been around for a long time, and they will never disappear. They represent the deepest, darkest inventions of the human soul.

But this knowledge is no cause for ignorance; rather, it should heighten our situational awareness. Specifically, Tony Fauci and Bill Gates have already described another Wuhan-style genetic modification of microbes. It certainly does up the ante in bioweaponry, and we must not ignore the threat especially when the likes of Klaus Schwab, George Soros, Bill Gates, and Anthony Fauci are actively on the scene as world influencers. To ignore the potential for disaster is unwise, to say the least. Maintaining good health is inconsistent with globalist tyrants seeking to annihilate us and dehumanize us through medical assault. If doctors comply with these diabolical “bosses,” the cost of such compromise will be immeasurable. I don’t say this to frighten anyone.

As a treating doctor, my goal was never to use scare tactics to coerce patients into submission or compliance with treatment. It was simply to explain what I understood to be the best available knowledge regarding a health issue, and then to allow the patient to make an informed decision on their own health choices. If those same principles are applied to military strategy, then an ounce of prevention certainly is worth a pound of cure. We truly can prevent disaster by disarming or neutralizing the threat early. That’s easier said than done, however.

We live in a politically correct, leftist-brainwashed world that now calls evil good. Many people have already succumbed to scare tactics, but they’re afraid of all the wrong things. We have demonstrated how scared we are of threats to our own hide as a nation. How ironic that most doctors can no longer be trusted to speak the truth, particularly in a time when the truth is most needed. 

Of course, the appropriate response as a patient opposing the mutiny of medicine is to equip oneself with the truth. As it pertains to protecting yourself from the greatest threats to your good health, true science can no longer be safely heralded by doctors. Even the most reputable medical journals have turned aside from legitimate research. They all have become tainted by the gods of gold and silver. Where, then, can truth be found? Sometimes, when good advice is hard to come by, we must look behind and around us to find common-sense answers that work to promote good health. When you’re alone, confused, and fumbling, it’s good to stop and take inventory.

Suffering at the hands of government-controlled medical goons has already begun. Fewer people are seeking preventive care because they don’t trust their doctors; they don’t trust hospitals. And for good reason. Deaths from the injectable bioweapon continue to stack up, and our fears of immunosuppression, infertility, prion disease, blood clots, heart disease, and multi-organ dysfunction are proving justified.

Look at the collateral damage. The ruined economy. Children are emotionally devastated. Rampant drug and alcohol abuse. Depression and anxiety are widespread. Suicides rising sharply. Our top priority must be to stop this attack against our bodies, our families, and our country.

We must be willing to face the fact that our government truly doesn’t have our best interest in mind. Yes, I’m stating the obvious here, but many Americans still don’t seem to get it. When we finally wake up and realize that all the “craziness” is intentional tyranny, we may finally muster the courage to face the enemy. Truth is undoubtedly our greatest weapon in a world of fraud, but only if we act upon it. There is no remedy for willful ignorance!

And as Thomas Paine once said, “He who dares not offend, cannot be honest.”