We Have a Job to Do in ‘22 – Secure Our Nation

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As the odds seem ever so stacked against the freedom-lovers of America, victories are now finally being won. As God-fearing patriots gather to fight the abominations of a godless government coup, we are shedding more light on their works of darkness, and the tide is beginning to turn. Hunter’s laptop and dementia Joe’s callous fumbles are showing people what they never hoped to see. America is in trouble, and a rescue is on the way!

All we need to do is that which is within our reach — shun Disney, stop buying “Made in China,” vote in person, and defend the oppressed. And forever remove the stupid mask! We all have a role in taking back our liberty. America was made to be free. And the whole world looked upon us in awe, wanting what we had. Obama was wrong: it is who we are! We are a Christian nation, the sweet land of liberty. That’s exactly who we are if we dare to secure our nation by fearlessly upholding the Constitution!

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