When Politics and Cowardice Meet, Death Follows!

What happened in Uvalde, TX, on May 24, 2022? Wrong question. We know what happened in Uvalde. Nineteen children and two teachers died. Seventeen or more were injured. How did these people die? The wrong question again. They died at the hands of a twisted mind resulting from a decayed society. Why did these children die? Now that’s a question that needs answering. And the answer should incite stirring anger in the heart and soul of every righteous American.

No, these people did not die because of an assault rifle.

Once again, innocent children and adults died because of ugly politics. Local police were told to stand down. Unthinkable! But what’s worse is that these local police obeyed. Armed to the hilt and thoroughly trained police mindlessly complied with an order to allow a mass murder to take place over how long a period of time? Who gave the order? That’s another question that must be answered. This individual deserves death by firing squad. Every armed police officer who betrayed these children is a spineless coward, a Nazi-like criminal who allowed innocent children to die to so that Globalist-Democrats could have their propaganda to sway a few votes and poison weak minds into thinking we need to disarm American citizens.

Governor Abbott has called on the Texas Rangers and FBI to give an account. What excuse will they give? America saw what happened. America knows why it happened. And America is pissed! The murderer was shot and killed 90 minutes after arriving at the school and firing shots at the school. School doors were unlocked. The school resource officer did nothing. Police officers not only did nothing to stop the killer, but also physically detained other unarmed heroes who were willing to risk their lives to save the children.

What’s worse, this is a repeat scenario. We’ve seen it before too many times. Children were hemorrhaging inside while armed lawmen — either testosterone-deficient or brain-compromised — did nothing! No excuse can be given for this behavior. These thugs in uniform are as guilty as the beast who gave the stand-down order.

How convenient that this tragedy occurred a few days before the NRA’s 151st annual meeting in Houston, Texas. You couldn’t have asked for a better moment, as this gave protesters just enough time to organize for their sponsored assault on guns. Once again, they blame an inanimate object rather than the diabolical killers who torment citizens in a lawless nation. Imagine what would happen if laws were upheld and rules were enforced. Imagine how much good would derive from men and women who stayed true to their oaths to protect and to serve. Keep imagining, because this will never happen until conservative patriots of this country fight back. Demand justice. Neutralize the evil threat in our federal government.

We can no longer ignore the massive crimes committed by Obama, Hillary, the FBI, and the CIA. We cannot stand back and allow DINOs and RINOs to vilify our nation and trample our Constitution. They have attacked us, and we only sit and watch. Sure, we complain a lot; but we do nothing. These Leftist politicians spare nothing to murder our children in the womb, to poison the minds of our youth in the schools, to torment our kids behind masks, so they live daily in fear, to shoot them up with a toxic shot that will maim and kill them by millions. Leftist politicians have done their worst, and they continue to do their worst, because we do nothing. Is it we who are cowards? We who strive to save our own hides and concede to every whim of the enemy for fear of scratching our own skin? Yet we send out our children into the land of vultures who feed on their carcasses every day in broad daylight, before our very eyes! And we do nothing!

We keep hoping for change. We say, “Get out and vote!” We believe that we will fix this spiritual warfare at the ballot box. But the enemy never sleeps. The demons scheme and discover new ways to attack us. Has voter fraud been fixed? Will, we the people, have an honest vote to elect our leaders? How confident are we that each of our votes will count? Confidence levels approach zero percent in California, Oregon, or Washington. Is it much higher in other states? Watch what happens this November. We already have seen voter fraud in the primaries. Nothing of significance has changed. And what shall we do when elections are again stolen? To whom shall we turn?

Some say we will turn to the Lord. “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places” (Ephesians 6:16).

Ah, so true. And so we should take up the whole armor of God. But even for the majority of professing Christians today, donning God’s armor is impossible because it requires knowing God. It requires knowing the Bible. We are spiritually crippled. This is exactly the reason America is now being consumed by the swamp demons. The gospel is still a mystery to millions. What’s more — and this is the Christian’s weak excuse — the spiritual war is waged in the flesh. We will not escape it. Humans partake of evil because we give way to the spiritual hosts of wickedness. But the war is and has been always fought in flesh and blood. Let us not be so naive as to think that God will do our bidding for us when we have so proudly forsaken Him.

We have seen yet one more calamity of a few precious souls in Texas. But we have forgotten the tragedy of millions more in the womb. We’ve lost focus of the Jewish Holocaust. We fail to see the genocide of the Covid jab that still claims its victims daily. The Carnival of Fools has played us and won. And our children’s blood beckons from the dirt. Our offspring suffer for wanton immorality that ruthlessly claims their innocence and peace. The weeping of our land has only just begun. 

What happened in Uvalde was allowed to happen. Why so surprised? We are under attack. See how they confiscate our health, our resources, our land, and our souls. The enemy is raping America, and the enemy is our own Leftist government.

Is this a judgment from God? Uvalde will soon be forgotten because of much larger-scale disasters coming our way. Because we do nothing. Who has shacked our feet? Isn’t it, we ourselves? Just like those pathetic Uvalde police officers, we are formidably armed. We have the means, but not the will. Because we don’t know God. Because we have forgotten how to do good.

Fighting evil is always good. The battle is indeed spiritual, but the fighting always takes place in the flesh. Most people don’t understand that if America is disarmed, a global slaughter will result, beyond our worst imagination. Like it or not, we are in a freedom fight against the embedded domestic swine who now oppress us. I stand among many other warriors whose intent is indisputable, and whose actions will follow their courageous resolve. A day of reckoning is here! For God and country. God first! It’s the only way we’ll ever take back our country. Of that, I’m convinced. But if we don’t act now… when?

The American flag flies because men fought to protect it. We can keep the colors flying only if we fight again. Let’s bring honor to the Uvalde victims, and to all who have died at the hands of the darkness that now enshrouds us. Let’s have the pertinent questions answered, and then respond in kind!