Clearing a Path for the Future of Sound Medicine

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The sad truth is that 85-90 percent of American doctors are participating in the current Fauci-sponsored genocide as opposed to the 50 percent of Germany’s doctors who participated in Hitler’s lethal fantasies. Thankfully, the faithful few doctors who live honorably as patient advocates are paving a new path forward with the timeless virtues of integrity, transparency, and competency.

Any patient following the socialist trail of doctors is quickly discovering that your life is literally in jeopardy. Many people who place their trust in the doctors of Covid theology have already suffered the consequences. Some have not survived.

One doctor team has already developed and pursued a new working model for rational and high-quality health care, and it’s giving patients exactly what they really need. This model is elucidated by the co-founder of the Surgery Center of Oklahoma, Dr. Steve Lantier. His bold path forward is a prime example of what  American ingenuity combined with the Golden Rule can produce by way of sound medicine for all patients. Dr. Lantier addresses why Americans are sicker now than in decades past. Is this coincidence, or is it intentional?

The way forward in healthcare is easy: just follow the light that exposes essential truths in science and medicine. That light will lead you down the straight and narrow path to health and prosperity.

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