Gun Control: the Move that Must Be Played to Overthrow America

I know, I’m a monster. I carry a .40 caliber Smith & Wesson subcompact concealed everywhere I go. I have for years. I’ve carried concealed ever since my Phantom-flying days when our commander mentioned that we could be targeted in light of Desert Storm. But thank God the weapon I shoot is not a 9mm handgun, because snarky Joe Biden now wants to eliminate not only AR-15s but also 9mm handguns. They blow out lungs, you know. I wouldn’t want that to happen to a burglar entering my home in the middle of the night with evil intent. Much more so if he was on the streets of a peaceful protest in downtown Portland. According to Joe Biden, damaging a lung just doesn’t make sense. Why would we even think of doing such a callous act in self-defense?

Biden tells me I need to protect my family by shooting an assailant with a .22 caliber load. I’m sure he (or is it Obama?) prefers a more cumbersome single-shot bolt action rifle, because that gives the nice criminal a sporting chance of escape and survival, even if I hit the mark. And it doesn’t blow out the lungs. The criminal may live to terrorize yet another day, and that’s only fair. But I still have a problem. “Two to the chest, one to the head.” That’s how I trained. By the way, don’t all assassins use .22s in their line of work? Is that why Biden is pushing this form of gun control? He does claim to know better… in everything. Be it gun control, environmental science, virology, economics, religion, social reform, foreign affairs, or military strategy — Biden says he knows what’s good for us. Such comfort from a demented puppet! His wisdom may not be all his own. In fact, it embodies the cumulative acumen of the Leftist thought police. They think globally, and their freedom-dissonant views must be for the world’s good. So when it comes to gun control, we should heed Biden’s advice.

Now thankfully, Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) has announced that after the recent mass shooting in Uvalde, “gun violence protection is going to be on the ballot” in the midterm elections. He claims it’s the right thing to do to make America safer. That’s right, to save lives. Let’s get those red flag laws going and separate people from guns if they say they’re going to kill themselves or others. Let’s also increase the gun-free zones. In fact, we should keep pushing all the gun legislation that has made Chicago a fashionable human hunting ground.

The more we disarm law-abiding citizens, the easier it is for gun-toting criminals to get the job done on the streets, in the schools, and wherever else they choose to wage their war. No need to fight back. It’s just fate!

Now, all satire aside, we are dealing with a freedom issue.

The logical analyst knows that something is wrong with the whole Uvalde scenario. Once again, nothing seems to make sense. The powers of Uvalde can justify every inaction they implemented. Excuses abound. The stand down. The detainment of would-be heroes protecting their children and families. The tasered father and handcuffed mother were justified. Let the killer do his job! That’s the message espoused by the derelict local police and politicians calling the shots. Meanwhile, America is distracted. Once again, the propaganda of gun legislation will be promoted while the American public is vulnerable and living in fear and confusion. But we shouldn’t be confused. Nor should we fear.

The real issue is not mass shootings or even personal defense. I’ll admit that a good shooter can hit his mark with a .22 caliber weapon. But that is not at all the point. It’s a distraction. It is just more muddying of the waters to poison our minds. The real issue is this: our corrupt federal government aims to disarm the American people so that we can go the way of Cambodia and Venezuela, Australia and Great Britain. Disarm the private citizen, and the people have no means of fighting back against the government dictator elites.

Take away their means of resistance, and they will swiftly fall. That is the goal of our defunct, sinister government. They no longer represent the people but the Globalists whose agenda is to enslave the world. For that to happen, America must collapse.

No, the Second Amendment was written so that we will surely take up arms and destroy such a dark power as the present Obama-Biden dynasty. If voter fraud continues, as it appears to be doing in the current midterm elections, then we have no vote. If we have no vote, then we have no voice. If we have no voice, we have no representation. We are no longer a government of the people, for the people, by the people. We are menial serfs to the global elitists. The only intervening stopgap from a completed coup at this time is the armed private citizen. That’s how it should be. So said our nation’s sages who pioneered the laws of freedom framed in our Constitution.

And so I say, let us speak of that second Bill of Rights! Let us understand that the right to keep and bear arms is the very substance of enduring national freedom. A well-regulated Militia is necessary for the security of a free State. The present government tyrants want you to forget that. They will distract you and dissuade you by all means possible. They will stage the carnage, milk it for everything it’s worth so that you forget the Constitution. Make the people forget what is written in the Code of God’s inalienable human rights. Justify the overthrow with sweet words of false compassion. Dangle the carrot and lead the ass to the corral where he can be forever used and abused as a beast of burden.

Let me boldly say what the sane and peace-loving nationalists are thinking but are still too afraid to speak. We have reached a point in history when the free constituents of America — we the people — recognize the immediate need to dissolve the political bandits who fully intend to deprive us all of our Creator’s unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Those sordid individuals who steal power from the people will abolish all freedom. Lest we act they will have their way. But who will fire the first shot? Who will organize a Militia? Who will sound the bugle charge? This remains to be seen. But eventually, a straw will break the camel’s back. Soon, when oppression does its refining work, a sudden spark will ignite, and a wildfire will spread across the land to restore freedom for all.

We have come too far in this experiment of a people’s government to surrender. We have observed its intricate good works and reaped its far-reaching blessings. We have tasted the glory of liberty, and in sharing it we have enlightened the world. I don’t aim to lay down my weapons at such a time when this success story is threatened with extinction. A knife is now held at Lady Liberty’s throat. Rather I gird the loins and prepare for battle. And so must we all. We are forever indebted to the authors of our liberty. Duty calls us now to put on the armor and to attack the demons of the present darkness.

As the gates of hell are opened wide, we must do our best to quell the storm of tyranny against those too weak and blind to act and see. Gun control spells our demise. It ends the liberty experiment, and therefore it must be stopped!

Sure, in the eyes of woke politicians, I really am a monster.But children were slaughtered as spineless, woke cops gave way to a madman. This tells the whole story. This is sponsored government tyranny. And it ends the gun debate! So I think I’ll just keep pleasing my fake President, in a fake kind of way. I’ll carry my .40 cal. S&W, and should the need arise, take up my AR-15. As the Bible teaches, there is sin leading to death (1 John 5:16). Rogue government actors, ye be warned! Constitutional carry has meaning and purpose. It’s not about preserving a lung, but rather it’s about saving a free nation.

Don’t tread on me!