Let’s Rescue the Safe Havens Now on the Verge of Extinction

Has anyone noticed that our youth are becoming a generation of paranoid, suicidal hypochondriacs? What’s wrong with them! So many children behave as if they are a hunted animal in a jungle of predators. Many well-intentioned psychologists call this behavior abnormal. I personally disagree. Their behavior seems completely normal and justified in the rapacious new society in which they now live.

For any animal to feel safe and secure, it must have its safe space. The lizard finds solace under a rock. A bat must have its dark cave. The clam thrives in the mud. And even the lion must have its den. What does the human-animal require? Can the naked ape be compared to the rest of the animal kingdom? Every animal in the forest needs food and shelter. Clothing is provided to them by fur, scales, or an exoskeleton. But the human must-have clothing, and something more.

No animal is more uniquely created for socialization than Homo sapiens. Man requires interaction, nurturing, regular human contact, and a complex communication system to thrive, to feel safe and complete. When our social structure breaks down, so does the human animal. This would explain what’s happening to our children. Social disintegration sheds light on their paranoia. Moral decay elucidates the source of their morbid depression and health anxiety. A normal and wholesome society provides ample safe havens that nurture children. They thrive in a hearty environment. Take away the safety nets, and children will fail, just as we are now witnessing.

A human baby requires years of nurturing, far more than any other animal, before the infant can spread its wings. Gradually the child is allowed freedom to expand his social circle. As this happens, trust in society becomes increasingly necessary. Attending school is a big step. Schools were once a trustworthy institution. For many young children living in abusive or dysfunctional homes, school was a safe harbor. That safe place is long gone. Children now face bullying, racism, pornography, illiteracy, brainwashing, and no security in learning about their nation’s greatness. Schools are stressful places, sites of mental anguish and psychological toying. The devastation it breeds often leads to sickness. But can a medical doctor do any good?

Medicine also was once a protected place. A child’s doctor can potentially strengthen a child by promoting good physical and mental health through sound medicine and good advice. Not anymore. Doctors now support the system, and the system seeks to destroy children. A child’s tender ears hearken to the message that killing babies is a good thing, that boyhood or girlhood is shameful, and that failing to do what the doctor tells you is probably going to kill you. A doctor’s office no longer conveys hope, health, or security.

Might a child find strength and healing through peers? Have we any honorable boys clubs or girls clubs? What sane parent would trust any youth center nowadays? The Boy Scouts now accept girls into their gathering. And we know why. Did you say a church? Think again. Most church leaders praise abortion, and welcome all brands of sexual perversion. In the stronger churches, it’s “okay” if you and your children are straight, but you can count on being pressured in youth groups to conform to the grotesque new normal. The old normal may still be acceptable, but it’s no longer the highest goal. Of course, neither is the Bible taught as a standard of righteous living. Somehow church leaders know better than Scripture. Churches are riddled with false teachers and false doctrines. Unless you’re talking about the Church of Satan. The doctrine of hell always gets you where you’re going. Are churches a safe haven? Look carefully! Be a watchman on a hill. Do not be deceived.

What about sports? Boys needn’t fear their weaknesses; just join the girl’s team. And if you’re a girl trying to prove otherwise, join the boys’ team. But either way, share the locker rooms, especially at a stage when bodily insecurities are at an all-time high during adolescence. Sports are no longer about teamwork and character building. If you’re lucky, you might learn about bending a knee and shaming your country before the game even starts. Don’t count on feeling warm and fuzzy from any national pride. The National Anthem is obsolete. Rather, pay attention to unruly parents and spectators shouting out obscenities and behaving worse than feral children.

The point being made here is that children are sicker, more confused, more emotionally unstable, and more paranoid than ever before, for a very good reason. Paranoia makes perfectly good sense when everybody’s out to get you. And for many children, this is the world in which they struggle to survive every day.

Without a strong family support system, without genuine unconditional and parental love, these children are broken vessels. Take away all their safe places, and escape becomes their chief goal. For way too many children, suicide provides that escape. 

Family, schools, churches, and society as a whole are the village required to raise a child. When any one of these support structures becomes dysfunctional, children suffer. Since the maniacal pandemic began, with all its demons unleashed on the world, all institutions suffered. Families faced increased domestic abuse, drug abuse, divorce, financial stressors, isolation, and hopelessness. Schools and churches openly supported a vile government agenda to further conquer and divide the family. Places of safe harbor began rapidly dying out. Suicide will not consume all those living in fear. The rest will hide, sheepishly submit, and fill their emptiness with drugs and more sorrow. Some will unleash their anger through violence in a last-ditch protest against a world without love or hope. A godless society is always a savage society.

The family was intended by God to be the first and foremost safe haven for children and each family member. God said, “If anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever” (1 Timothy 5:8). A house divided against itself simply cannot stand. If a family is divided, then division spreads to every other institution in society, including the church. Naturally, we have no perfect families. But anyone who wishes to strengthen the family should begin with daily Bible readings and some time praying together. Talk together. Share ideas, fears, goals, and trials together. Edify one another. Connect the hearts.

The Globalist noose is quickly tightening around America’s neck, and their dark powers are now strongly palpable through the destruction of all society’s safe-havens.

More than ever, people need to find a safe place to gather and regroup. If we focus anew on God’s word and the family, we can bring back these refuges that lead to a happy and caring society. We are not powerless in having our hearts turned cold by ruthless leaders who seek our demise. We must begin by first protecting our own household from evil, and then join hands together to again make our local villages a nurturing place for all. As safe havens face extinction, so does the human race. Restoring a safe habitat for humanity begins by protecting our children and using our strengths and skills to rebuild a godly home and society. Sure, it will take a fight for right, but I can think of no more noble a quest in this life.

The storm is still brewing to uproot our solid foundation. But the eagles also are gathering. Pay attention first to the nest, then to your local space. This is your duty, and duty calls now more loudly than ever. The year is 2022. America is on trial before God. What shall be the verdict?