Recognize the Real Red Flags on the Rights of all Americans

Every good American citizen wants a peaceful society. Every law-abiding citizen promotes that peace by obeying the rules of civilized people. Unfortunately, many less-than-upstanding citizens impose on us their amoral influence in positions of authority, such as congressional lawmakers. If you believe that the rise in mass shootings is a result of improperly treated psychiatric illness, then the Red Flag laws that allow for the confiscation of guns from potential psychopaths without due process are “common sense.” So said RINO Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer admitted that the bipartisan gun safety legislation is “not everything we want,” but at least it’s “progress and will save lives.” Really?

This rhetoric sounds exactly like the “follow the science” mantra of the pandemic pushers. They worship their little gods like Tony Fauci who claims he is the science, and then assert their science fiction. So it is with gun control. Since science is a process of investigating facts, let’s apply a little social science facts to the topic of gun violence.

Fact number one: the Crime Prevention Research Center reveals that 97.8 percent of public shootings occur in gun-free zones. That’s almost 100 percent! In other words, gun-free zones are a huge red flag. If Schumer really had any common sense, what would he conclude? Get rid of these gun-restricted areas.

What about the recent escalation of mass murders? We’ve seen these deadly attacks all over the country. It happened in Roseburg, Oregon. In San Bernardino, California. In Parkland and Orlando, Florida. Las Vegas, Nevada. The list goes on. Nobody with human emotions can just brush off these brutal assaults against law and order. The most recent Texas murder scenario does nothing to inspire us. The derelict Uvalde police chief Peter Arredondo and his officers literally and intentionally did nothing to stop the crime. Nothing! Add to this the fact that Arredondo contributed to Robert O’Rourke’s campaign; yes, O’Rourke — you know, the guy who said, “We’re coming after your AR-15s.” Follow the science. And ask the appropriate questions. Of these mass murders, how many were government-assisted? Let’s be honest. Another red flag is the confounding and disturbing circumstances that shroud most of these violent events. Why do we never get answers? Maybe this is part of the science. What does it tell us?

Considering that most of these mass murders were accomplished by the legal purchase of firearms, the question arises about raising the age for gun purchase. Will it help? Some claim that making it more difficult to purchase firearms will reduce public murders. That’s a tough one to answer. Or is it? We can say with certainty that anyone wishing to acquire arms with lethal intent will likely have a means of securing a weapon. The mindset of an 18-year-old compared to a 21-year-old — especially in modern times — is not significantly different. It also makes no sense that an 18-year-old can enlist to fight for his country but cannot purchase a weapon. Sorry, Mitch, this is not common sense. Will changing the age limit for gun purchases reduce the risk of shootings? Not likely. Age itself is not a marker predicting homicidal intent. We have seen enough murders and murder attempts by underage children to know this, that is, if we’re paying attention to the science. But that brings up another possible red flag. What about the unstable mind?

Many well-intentioned psychologists and medical doctors suggest that mental illness is a serious problem that can lead to violent acts, particularly depression. Dr. Joseph Mercola, a popular osteopathic physician calls antidepressants the elephant in the room. He rightly states that antidepressants (as well as other prescription drugs) can cause suicidal and homicidal thoughts, agitation, impulsivity, and a number of other psychological and physical side effects. So does alcohol, methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, and hallucinogenic mushrooms; and these are now all legal drugs in the state of Oregon. Shall we not only blame the gun but also now blame prescribed medications for psycho/sociopathic behaviors? Have we no way of curbing this behavior?

What role has violent video games and media violence played in gun crimes? Certainly, repetitive violence in a virtual world can desensitize, normalize, and even promote violence in our real 3-D world. Do these exposures actually contribute to violence? The potential is strong. Consider that the average teen spends an average of nine hours a day on entertainment media, according to a Common Sense Media report. That correlates with the time most parents are away from work, including travel time. Is this a red flag? Definitely! Especially when science tells us that this media time directly parallels increased depression and anxiety. Children spending most of their awake time in a virtual world is a big red flag.

The Red Flag laws for gun control claim to be a stop-gap measure to prevent emotionally unstable people from acting out violently using guns. But how many other ways are homicide carried out? In the wrong hands, a motor vehicle is a weapon. Most states allow kids to drive at 15 or 16 years old. Knives, baseball bats, and all kinds of potentially lethal weapons can be used to murder someone. Can’t a mass murder be planned using natural poisons? The evil mind will devise a way to murder. Period. Common sense says to do something to deter this violence, but do something that works. And don’t punish and increase the victimization risk of law-abiding citizens in the process. Oh yeah, and don’t take away our Constitutional right and means to overthrow a rogue government by force, as our nation’s Founders wisely provided us.

American citizens having their guns taken away from them without being charged with a crime is the wrong way to go, unless you’re Chuck Schumer, or another RINO or DINO. For one thing, it’s unconstitutional. It’s also a slippery slope.

The derelicts currently running our country want more. You heard Schumer. It’s not everything they want. The “everything” they want is to completely disarm us. They’ll take whatever they can get, and if we are foolish enough to keep obliging them, then one day they will take our guns, and America will be history. I say no!

The real red flags of gun control do need to be heeded. But they are not rightly defined by Congress. Here’s what we need to do. First, eliminate all gun-free zones. Then allow constitutional carry in all fifty states. Parents, take control of your children and limit their social media exposure. Start being a family, according to God’s design. Watch how fast depression and anxiety fade when healthy family interactions occur between a male father and a female mother, and normal children who are permitted to freely identify with their God-given sex and color, without guilt.

Then, the next time a madman goes on a shooting spree, judge him swiftly, and then bring back public hangings. Let the people see what happens to the worst of criminals. If they’ve already been killed, display them publicly anyway. Visual aids are very effective. Just and speedy punishment is a great crime deterrent, even for those who are depressed or otherwise psychiatrically impaired. After all, that is exactly the role of government: to punish the wicked. “If you do evil, be afraid; for he [government] does not bear the sword in vain; for he is God’s minister, an avenger to execute wrath on him who practices evil” (Romans 13:4). It’s that simple.

Sure, we can lock school doors, invest in high-tech security systems, arm all teachers, and even recruit responsible and trustworthy law enforcement who will actually commit to their oath to protect the public. But what it all comes down to is law and order. That isn’t President Trump’s motto. It’s God’s motto! That’s why all the red flags on gun control can be solved by genuinely becoming one nation under God again! What are we waiting for?