The Nuclear Collision Between Politics and Medicine

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Since the early 1990s, medicine has been steadily reshaped to conform to the current condition that has left Americans without sound, rational medical care. Patients are now considered by the medical establishment to be nothing more than objects to be manipulated in the scheme of politics-based medicine, touted as evidence-based medicine. But what does the evidence of medical science reveal? It’s hard to say when every medical study is slanted to favor a Leftist protocol designed to control and even kill the population.

The takeover of medicine has disparaged all reason, common sense, and the ever-critical clinical experience that once made medicine a truly noble profession. If you hope to find a caring, knowledgeable and compassionate doctor, your only hope is to locate an independent physician not controlled by the woke system. All others will only parrot a protocol taught in the School of Fauci Blunders. If a change is going to come, let it come quickly, before all good doctors are extinguished.

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