As the Dismantling of America Continues… Judgment Is Coming, but for Whom?

The systematic dismantling of the American empire by a domestic Leftist Communist team continues. Seemingly unabated, the legacy of what Obama began continues to thrive. As evil grows, more Americans are deprived of everything good. Everyone gets the feeling that a form of judgment on America is being imposed swiftly and harshly. But just who is being judged?

Are we, as everyday Americans getting what we deserve? After all, couldn’t the America First movement be considered a selfish act of pride? Isn’t closing our borders to the needy souls who come for their piece of the pie cruel and unfair? While we reaped the easy life of bounteous fertile soil, well-stocked food shelves, cheap gas, and freedom to choose our steps, over half of the world continued to starve, had no money to spare for basic necessities, and were beaten down by dictators who enforced a most distasteful oppressive way of life. While America reaped wealth and liberty, the rest of the world suffered.

But now things are changing. The days of America spreading the banner of liberty to the world are over. The despots are winning. They have seized the bread we gave to the world, and deprived their citizens of the goods bestowed on them by a godly nation that was once eager to rescue those deprived of sustenance and beaten down by natural disasters. By the same means that the world groans, America is now facing her dark gloom. We are currently being consumed by dictators whose aim is to feed the few elites rather than feed the world.

Let’s be specific. Gas prices are growing exponentially. We have complained to Pharaoh. And what has it accomplished? Now Biden’s EPA is conveniently attacking the largest oil field in the US, the Permian Basin of Texas. Like the Egyptian slaves who complained of burdensome labor, we must now prepare to subsist with less, and do more to support the government initiative. Gas prices will not go down in the foreseeable future. Raising fuel costs makes good sense, particularly when America’s peasants are already struggling with soaring inflation — that is, if the goal is to collapse the American dream and break our spirit. 

The American dollar no longer builds America. It now funds the Sino-Russian Quasi-Alliance under the pretense of defending the besieged country of Ukraine. How else do you explain the $54 billion the US has spent on this Biden-supporting nation? Is that enough? No. On June 15, Biden’s Puppeteer just approved another $1 billion for more weapons. The globalist gifts will continue to be sent, despite an ever-increasing national debt exceeding $30.5 trillion. How can we spend what we do not have? It doesn’t matter. Biden just affirmed that the US would provide support to the derelict Ukraine regime “as long as it takes” to win the war. I predict that the Ukraine war will end when the Great Reset is either instated or defeated. Either way, it’s a harsh judgment against the innocent people of Ukraine who just wish to live their lives in peace. And it’s hard on us who unwillingly back it.

Meanwhile, all of America’s hard-earned technology is being stolen by China, which then produces it cheaper and undermines the labor of expensive research. If that’s not bad enough, an Iranian-American dual citizen just pleaded guilty on June 28 to conspiring to ship US technology to the Islamic Republic of Iran. In bad times, the enemies reap what we have sown. These are very bad times.

Our three-branched government is clearly out of balance. The Executive Branch is effectually nonexistent as a defender of the American way. The Legislative Branch makes laws contrary to constitutional precedent. Their judgment is weighing us down more rapidly than we care to think. But the Judicial Branch still occasionally honors the Constitution, much to the angst of the other branches. Maxine Waters’s rant against the Roe decision clearly shows us the problem: “The hell with the Supreme Court. We will defy them.”

Biden’s NATO summit comments were just as telling, calling the SCOTUS decision to overturn Roe “destabilizing.” His conviction that murdering residents of the womb is a constitutional right is so strong that he called for a filibuster “exception” to codify a federal right to abortion. Of course, the Communist-Democrat Party will do all it can at the state and federal levels to continue the infant genocide. They will call it progress, a right to privacy, a woman’s right. But it is actually a judgment against innocent Americans, and the majority of aborted babies are Black. Way to go, Maxine!

Meanwhile, back at the Jan 6 ranch, the circus goes on. The evidence seems to be stacking up against Pelosi and her little pencil neck who seek to render false judgment against President Trump. The truth cannot be hidden for long, and the lies are all being exposed. Don’t expect the truth to stop them, however. They want an indictment, and since they’re in control, they’ll get it. Unless the Supreme Court steps in. Unless the Dems are ousted in the midterm election.

Looking at the big picture of what’s happening in America is very difficult. It is most certainly a judgment. The pixels comprising the image are changing so rapidly, that it’s hard not to get lost in the nitty-gritty details of each little attack against our not-so-free republic. Step back a little, and what do we really see? We observe a nation under attack. Persecution is becoming a way of life for truth-tellers. We are replaying German-style Nazism all over again. Is it a judgment against the righteous? Maybe. None of us are absolutely righteous. At best, we can claim only a relative righteousness. But that sure beats the opposition.

And beat the opposition we must. America is quickly becoming a jungle infested with snakes, venomous spiders, monkeys, dragons, and a plethora of vile beasts who prey on peaceful inhabitants. That means we all face a judgment of one kind or another. To some extent, we are all victims. But we mustn’t be confused with the Left’s mentality that the roots of American history are a story of evil. Every nation whose god is other than the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ will suffer. This is a universal law. History proves it. Apart from God’s influence, man is the vilest beast on the globe. When guided by God’s word, we make good things happen.

The year is 2022, and you can be sure judgment is coming. The curse of deception is now judging all those who have spurned our God-given guidelines for holy living. The powers that be seem in their own eyes just and good, when in fact, they are wretched and oppressive. But a time of renewal may also be at hand because an ever-expanding army of righteous soldiers are returning to our roots, declaring our allegiance to our sovereign God of the Bible. A resolve to fight tyranny in earnest leads to many options to overcome the evil. Surely, God will have His hand in it as we stand firm in His truth. When judgment comes from God, it will be against the arrogant boasters who reject the laws of the virtuous man.

When I ponder a world of peace and goodness, my greatest plea is, “Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10).

May we all be an instrument of God’s peace, truth, and righteousness. Better to suffer for a good cause than a bad. Better to be wrongly judged by man for doing what is right than to be judged rightly by God for doing evil. God is a consuming fire against those who persecute His people. Yes, judgment is coming for all of us, but woe to those who spitefully do their evil, thinking in foolish arrogance that God’s finest creation is but a hackable animal to be used and abused. Perversion of justice brings its own wrath — and I perceive it is coming soon.