Centralized Power Violates Every Principle of Constitutional Freedom

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Individual freedom is indirectly proportional to the degree of centralization of government power. The more power that is bestowed on government, the more a nation suffers under its rule. Therefore, we ought to keep government as small as possible, and with all checks and balances in place and functioning well. Most Americans now realize the monster we have created in our American government, and we should be highly motivated to chop that monster into fifty little pieces and spread it across our land. The centralized government beast must be slain!

Never before has America been threatened by the beast of centralized power. Attorney Mariah Gondeiro joins Dr. LaTulippe in exposing the tactics of big government when it overreaches its purpose according to the design of our great Constitution. The next step is to develop our own tactics to put the evil genie back into the bottle and cork it! Short of this, government by the people is nothing but a forlorn byword of wishful thinking.

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