Defying Military Orders to Save the Country You Love Takes Real Courage

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America took a steep nose dive when America’s greatest imposter, Barack Obama, infiltrated our government network. The poisonous fruits of his labor are manifesting everywhere in Obamacare. That was the beginning of the end of good medicine, in his alliance with the radical Islamic movement and planting Communist rebels at all levels of our government. He aimed to destroy America, and he accomplished many of his goals. But not many challenged his legitimacy as President. And we suffered greatly for it.

Book: OFFICER’S OATH is a story that everyone should read.

Dr. Terry Lakin discusses why he chose to defy a military order from an elected American President, and his reasoning should lead every good American citizen to take a similar stand to defend our Constitution. Our battle cry has swiftly gone from “Make America Great Again” to “God Save America!” If a few righteous people come forward to battle the satanic influences now strangling us, God may very well shed His grace on America once again. 

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