Is Politics Really a Part of God’s Plan?

The Bible teaches us that government, when functioning properly, is an instrument of God’s justice. A godly form of government is supposed to do God’s bidding with regard to justice, fairness, security, and peace. When a just government serves the will of God, the people flourish in peace and prosperity. But was politics ever intended to be a part of that government process? Is politics really a part of God’s plan?

That raises another question, what exactly is politics? Isn’t politics just a method of aggrandizing oneself and belittling one’s opponent so that the winner gets power and prestige? Stepping into the political ring seems to fly in the face of everything that Jesus taught. He said, don’t lie. Don’t murder. Don’t slander. Don’t deceive. Be genuine. Be real. Speak the truth. Respect one another. Love one another. Having the mind of Christ might logically lead one to ask why any self-respecting, God-fearing person would choose to become a politician. Can a reasonable answer be found?

If politics can be defined as the science of government, some might just say, “Follow the science.” But nowadays, that expression leaves a bad taste in our mouths. The perfect rule under a perfect king would negate all politics. We could have chosen the easier way, but we didn’t. The prophet Isaiah prophesied, “For a child will be born to us, a son will be given to us, and the government will rest on His shoulders; And His name will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace” (Isaiah 9:6). But in our imperfect world where the Prince of Peace is openly rejected, we face warring factions of political parties that seek each their own agenda. However you define politics, it always involves people who negotiate ways to regulate or manage the rule of authority over a group of people. In America, we thought the best government to serve the people was one designed by the people, for the people. But whenever people are involved in any process, we face the reality of politics.

Most would say that politics and evil go together like peas and carrots. I wouldn’t disagree. Not that it has to be, but politics always consists of opposing parties. So it’s never easy work. The good guy usually finishes last. (President Trump was an exception.) Politics presupposes compromise. Should not then all righteous men and women avoid the political scene altogether? As a wise friend recently declared, “Since it is impossible to separate government (a system of law and means of organizing and protecting countries) from politics, the answer is no.” We cannot possibly hope to avoid politics, unless we cherish evil and are willing to surrender to those who are eager to abuse power.

I’ll be the first to admit that I dislike politics. (Is hate too strong a word?) How many times were Peter, Paul, Silas, and other Christ followers shackled in dungeons because of politics? My own career as a physician was interrupted because of lawlessness and shamefully corrupt politics. The nailing of our Savior Jesus to the cross was certainly predestined, but it was carried out because Caesar caved to political pressure. Maybe politics is the price we must pay for choosing a manmade system over the kingship of our Lord Jesus Christ. I suppose we can never really answer the question of whether or not politics was part of God’s plan in establishing government, but politics is here to stay. We must live with it.

We most definitely can know that God despises dirty politics and corrupt politicians. The sober message the prophet Micah delivered to the tyrannical rich and influential politicians of his day is that judgment is coming. And it did come. Just as certain is the verdict against the abusive rulers, judges, religious leaders, and false prophets of our day. They will one day reap the horrible harvest of perdition for sowing the seeds of hell among our good law-abiding citizens.

For now, we must accept politics as a necessary evil that accompanies any manmade government. This alone is good cause for strong and courageous men, and women of moral stature to participate in government and change the course of history for the better. All who are wise enough to submit to our Mighty God and Prince of Peace have the right stuff to faithfully serve as ambassadors of the people’s will. But the people must themselves desire truth and goodness. A government ruled by a godless “we the people” is merely a substitute of a tyrannical dictatorship for the tyranny of the masses. Neither sustains peaceful living.

For the entire world, God’s principles are the vital ingredient of good politics and good government. The Bible exhorts Christians to cooperate with the power figures of government as far as is possible, short of compromising our faith. Appropriate participation may include paying taxes (“Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s”), abiding by the laws of the land, and subjecting ourselves to those who rule over us. But we also are commanded to oppose all that God opposes and to not participate in evil. This principle applies to every aspect of our lives, including politics.

See how quickly this muddies the waters of politics. Do we pay taxes to support abortion and support a war that promotes a Communist/Globalist agenda? Do we close our churches because politicians tell us to do so? Shall we turn a blind eye to politicians who sexually abuse our children, pander to the cartels, and violate every one of our God-given individual rights? Do we obey the political agencies who impose evil and oppose God’s moral laws? No. We are commanded to expose evil and obey God over man.

God tells us in Romans 1 that our first obligation is to honor God by following the ordinances of God. To do less is to play shoddy politics with God. This is indefensible. And we never win. Whatever politics we choose to play, we must play fairly. Whatever words we speak, they must bear the emblem of truth. Only when we have no fellowship with darkness, do we serve as beacons of righteousness to the world. So if we decide to run for office, our great plea should be, “So help me God.” Because without God’s help, politics will eat you.

However, politics fits into God’s plan, the rules of holy living should apply to all forms of government. We surely have digressed a long way from good politics, if there really is such a thing. Maybe politics is the very reason why God told us to pray for our leaders. Politics is dirty business. Even the best of politicians need support and encouragement to do the right thing, according to God’s design for government. To the extent that we do this, it will return to us manifold for our own benefit. Yes, our God is ruler over all things—including politics. Our duty then is to do all we can to elect godly men who, even in politics, will reflect a will to do things God’s way. After all, isn’t that the full intent of the Constitution? It most certainly is. Let’s put politics aside and focus on defending our Constitution at all cost!