Rep. Burgess Doesn’t Know Why Biden Wants to Hurt America

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When Texas Republican representative Michael Burgess declared that Biden’s 18 months of “missteps” are part of an intentional effort to hurt the United States, I applauded him for his insight. But then he added, “and I don’t know why.” Eyes rolling back, I honestly wanted to clobber him figuratively. He doesn’t know why Biden intends to hurt the United States. Respectfully, Mr. Burgess, have you also been living in a basement these past two years? How can any cognitively functional human being say that?

The irony of making this comment on Newsmax’s Wake Up America program is a double whammy for Burgess. But if that’s not enough, Burgess is a physician! The effect of a supposedly conservative, freedom-loving people not knowing why Biden is doing this evil puts the icing on the cake of ignorance. First of all, Biden isn’t doing this. His puppet masters make him dance. Secondly, if you can’t figure out by this time that the coup against America is proceeding at warp speed, America is in a world of hurt. More hurt than people like Burgess will ever know, until the final blow is dealt.

I assure you I am not trying to slam my own team. Maybe I just need to get on Wake Up America, so I can wake up America. Thank you, Dr. Burgess, for finally coming to the conclusion that something isn’t right in the White House Happy Haven. What took you so long? Did you not understand the consequences of Obama’s oxymoronic Obamacare? Did you not suspect anything when Obama could not/would not produce a valid birth certificate? Did you miss the previous “missteps” like Bill Clinton’s corrupt campaign funding and buddying up with China? Did you not catch the significance of Obama bowing in submission to an Islamic ruler, and then giving millions in cash to Iran as a reward for defying the rules of nuclear armament?

Color me stupid if I have missed something in proclaiming the obvious conclusions of a few missteps. Look around you. The globalists have a plan to perpetuate the manmade pandemic for another decade. Does this have anything to do with science, or could it just possibly be that the Biden regime wants to hurt America? The fake vaccine program is serving our enemies like the CCP wonderfully, as Americans are dropping dead daily from this bioweapon jab that continues to be pushed as if the overthrow of America depends on it. Might it actually be?

And why is it that so many doctors across America are serving the wretched golden pharma cow rather than pursuing medicine in the traditional, successful way of discussion and debate? I have yet to see Biden’s “scientists” entertain a healthy discussion of the evidence that has been so mysteriously and sinisterly hidden by censorship and persecution of truth-tellers. Could it be that the disinformers are actually the informers and watchmen who saw the hurt coming long before the demented puppet team pilfered the election?

Dr. Burgess saw Pocahontas Warren’s war party against pregnancy care centers that offer pregnant mothers help and hope, and then he asks Warren, “Why would you be against a center that is out there to help someone who’s having a tough time in life?” Burgess then concludes, “I can’t understand that; there’s no valid explanation.” Oh, yes, there is!

My dear naive, ocular-scaled, myopic friend, I have to disagree with you and with every other American who allows the Left to play their dirty hand without ever being called out or stopped. The seemingly innocent and benevolent “Why do they do it?” question is reprehensible! I just can’t tolerate this kind of false-pious response to the enemy any longer. We haven’t the time. So for God’s sake—and for our nation’s sake—let me open your eyes and tell you why they kill us, lie to us, steal from us, slander us, censor us, ban us, starve our babies and us, brainwash and pervert the minds of our children, and ardently impose their dogma on us. Are you ready? Because here it comes.

The Biden regime intends to overthrow the government that you now supposedly serve in Congress, Representative Burgess. They have trampled our Constitution, and they have done all in their power to erase our history so that the stage will be set to introduce a Communist-Fascist-Globalist system to the world, just as soon as Lady Liberty’s freedom torch is fully snuffed. Does that answer all your silly, callow little why questions? They’d love to kill you. Have you taken the shots? Don’t try and expose them, because you sure don’t want to be the next Clinton-sponsored homi-suicide. Just keep asking the nonsensical questions about why they would be doing that, which “makes no sense.” They will love you for the free pass. The fact is, it all makes sense! Your government is out to get you, Dr. Burgess.

I thank God that more American people are finally starting to wake up. I would much rather take back our government by an honest vote. But as long as we spend all our energy on asking the stupid why questions when the answers are so obvious, we will continue feeding this domestic enemy unabated, and soon enough, they will show you why. But if an honest vote is not possible, then we have only one recourse left, the Second Amendment. 

May I now ask just one question? Why are we questioning a vile enemy when we should be offensively exposing and counterattacking them? If you can logically answer that question, Dr. Burgess, I’m all ears, and I will honor your opinion. But as for this patriot, I will not sit back and watch this great nation be reduced to the heaping pile, without fighting for God’s standard that once made America such a good and productive, and vibrant nation. Let’s put aside all these petty inquisitions and start calling a spade a spade. And in the process, let’s arm ourselves with whatever weapons we need to defeat the Biden coup team. I refuse to follow stupid. It’s just too dangerous!