Steve Kirsch: Silicon Valley’s Hero in the War Against Covid Tyranny

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Since Pfizer’s adverse events analysis data has become public, and as real-life evidence of injuries and deaths accumulate, what’s becoming clear is that this vaccine program should never have been promoted in the first place. That’s why they wanted 75 years to disclose their data. But the monster has already been released, and the damage has only just begun. Anthony Fauci and the Pfizer/Moderna rats, in cooperation with the tainted “health” organizations, have unleashed the devil’s Pandora’s Box of unhealthy events that will likely plague us for decades.

Ironically, Silicon Valley has produced a genuine truth seeker, Steve Kirsch, an engineer and computer scientist who has carefully collected and analyzed the data. The picture he paints isn’t pretty. And his research discoveries logically lead us to only one conclusion: taking the jab affords no benefit, but the chances of harm and even death are greater than ever imagined. Those who so ardently pushed the Covid shot despite knowing its risk have exposed themselves as ruthless killers who have no intention of debating their agenda. By the time the Covid assault ends, the world likely shall have witnessed the greatest genocide of all time. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll heed the watchmen who are sounding the alarm.

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