We Must Take Our Constitutional Obligation Seriously

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On rare occasions, even our enemies speak words of wisdom, despite them having no real comprehension of the meaning of their own words. Nothing is more true of the recent commentary by a chief RINO whose malicious goal is to destroy all American patriots. Words of truth spoken by our enemies can be as valuable as words spoken by God Himself. All truth is God’s truth!

We have not only a right but a duty to take seriously the Bible-inspired words of our Founding Fathers who instructed us in sufficient detail on how to fulfill our obligation to the rules of living as an American. Recognizing the militant Left’s fear tactics as pure fear-mongering propaganda is critical to overcoming unwarranted fear and confusion. Nothing causes hopelessness more than living in a state of constant fear. We must overcome fear and defeat the freedom leeches who sap our moral and patriot zeal. Brighter days ahead will be realized as we fulfill our obligation to support the Constitution.

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