About Dr. Steven LaTulippe

Steven A. LaTulippe, MD is a physician, a retired United States Air Force officer and aviator, and an ordained minister. He graduated from Boise State University with a BS in Biology (emphasis in microbiology), and then pursued a Ph.D in microbiology at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. His doctorate was not completed due to his stronger desire to serve his country as a military aviator. After being commission, he flew the KC-135 Stratotanker and later the RF-4C Phantom. He attended Boise Bible College and Cincinnati Bible Seminary where he received training in Biblical Studies and Christian Doctrine. He then obtained his medical degree from Loma Linda University School of Medicine in 1997, and served the rest of his military career as Chief of Medicine, Chief of Pharmacy, and Medical Review Officer in the Oregon Air National Guard until he retired from military service in 2006. He was awarded Officer of the Year just prior to his departure.

As a physician, Dr. LaTulippe was a board-certified family physician with a wide spectrum of medical care that included pain and addiction medicine. His medical practice was greatly bolstered by his extensive life experience, and many patients benefited from his care in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. He rescued many hundreds of patients from addiction, and he restored a quality of life to hundreds more who suffered from debilitating chronic pain. He attributed his success to dealing with patients from a “whole person” perspective, which included not just the biological, psychological and social aspects of humanity, but also the spiritual side of man. If man is truly created in God’s image, then to ignore the spiritual element in healing is medical malpractice.

Unfortunately, being a champion of evidence-based medicine and sound medical practice disrupted his career when the mutiny of medicine transpired during the COVID-19 manmade pandemic. Discerning quickly that medicine was being weaponized, Dr. LaTulippe spoke out publicly at a rally in Salem, Oregon, where he confronted the political tyranny of masking, lockdowns and the sudden refusal of early treatment to those afflicted by the genetically-modified and patented Wuhan virus. Having also disclosed his successful treatment of COVID-19 patients, and after exposing the impetus behind unconstitutional mandates, Dr. LaTulippe was targeted by the Oregon Medical Board. Despite his spotless record in medical practice, he was suddenly vilified by false allegations, fraudulent medical board investigations, and a full-blown smear campaign based on lies and erroneous hearsay that were broadcasted as facts. When his speech went viral, the Oregon Medical Board suspended his license until such time that the illegal mandates of Governor Kate Brown were rescinded. But when he filed a federal lawsuit against the Board, he was further attacked by having his license fully revoked and being fined $10,000. He received no due process or First Amendment protection.

His speech claims all proved true, and he remains committed to fighting the ongoing assault against medicine, our Constitution, Christianity and the American people. Dr. LaTulippe now hosts the Unity Without Compromise radio show on America Out Loud Talk Radio, and he is a regular contributing author with America Out Loud. He is a staunch advocate for the God-given rights bestowed on all humans, recognizing that freedom is a gift from the one true Creator of this world. He is affiliated with the American Frontline Doctors, and he endorses the imperative that all Americans must maintain vigilance and fight for human rights here and abroad. He affirms that the unity of all Christians is best attained through an understanding of the Bible, rightly interpreted and boldly practiced to the best of our abilities. Only a united Christian brotherhood will save America from the ill fate that now threatens us. This tenet is elaborated in his book Unity Without Compromise: A Biblical Basis for Christian Union.

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